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You may not consider booking a professional conference moderator for your conference, but when it comes to sessions where panels are used, a good moderator can make all the difference. After all, you have probably already devoted a lot of time to finding the right keynote speaker but it’s just as important to get your panels right.

Speakers Associates have an extensive list of moderators and presenters to ensure that you get the best from your panel and that the audience is treated to a stimulating and interesting debate.

Because there are several speakers on the stage at any one time, the moderator needs to be skilful and confident with people. They should be used to handling those with a lot to say and able to tease out those who are more reticent as well as being adept at making sure the discussion is lively and engaging.

With their experience of live radio and television, journalists and TV presenters are an excellent choice.

Here are just some of the speakers on our books who are not only expert panel moderators but are also particularly suited to a business or corporate audience.

Stephanie Flanders is a journalist and former BBC Economics editor who understands economics and would help you get the most from your panel.

Jeremy Paxman is an exceptional interviewer and moderator with a razor sharp mind and a dry wit.

BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme presenter, Sarah Montague is a top conference moderator.

Jeff Randall is also a former BBC man – Telegraph Editor-at-Large and host of SKY News’ Jeff Randall Live. A great combination for handling a lively business panel.

Veteran TV business journalist Adam Shaw is perhaps best known for the years he spent working for BBC Two’s flagship show, ‘Working Lunch’. He is a brilliant business panel moderator who gets booked time and again.

Presenter and comedy author Clive Anderson is an entertaining choice for panels, awards ceremonies and conferences.

You will find a wide variety of moderators, conference hosts, chairs and speakers on our comprehensive speaker search facility. Do check it out.

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