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This is our mission statement and we live by it 100%!

When we first started in 2006, we were looking for a name to express our desire in implementing projects that would make us happy. Yes, we are a selfish group of people, but of course we also mean making our clients happy.

When we first started, prospect clients were asking us if we would make them happy and then eventually the term happiness became a synonym to our end result. Happiness to some may seem a very subtle or even childish sense to express customer satisfaction, but believe us, happiness is a pure feeling that cannot be easily achieved. Having truly happy customers means that they smile with satisfaction and pride while looking at the outcome of our collaboration. And this makes us happy!

Now as far as our fish is concerned, well that’s another long story which we’ll share with you once we meet in person.

We analyze. We evaluate. We connect.

We work with clients around the world on strategy, planning and problem solving with our main objective being to help clients develop business skills and knowledge in order to further improve their performance.

We offer a selected pool of experts who have many years of experience in the field and highly successful track records. To put it simply, they are all world-class leaders and highly respected in their field of work. Having worked with major organizations from all over the world, they not only bring knowledge into the organization but also insights and to the point solutions.

We assist corporations in designing their executive development programs via analyzing their current position, identifying their organizational goals for the future and determining the right strategy for their executive development needs. A crucial part in our approach is the fact that we help our clients identify and reach out to the appropriate experts for their industry and specific requirements.

Due to our 20 years experience in event management and communications we also offer services around event management and video production. As you’ll read in these sections, we’re a bit picky as far as these two areas are concerned as the aim is for as to become an effective extension of your team and actually get inspired ourselves and thus create enthusiasm via the end result.

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Consulting & Development

We work with clients around the world on strategy, planning and problem solving with our main objective being to help clients develop business skills and knowledge in order to further improve their performance.

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Event Management

For us, a business event is not just about a video projector playing powerpoints. In the right hands, it can be a powerful marketing, strategic or communication tool. We got you covered from A - Z!

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We will analyze your needs and goals, form together the plan of actions and implement with maximum efficiency and promptness.  Oh, and about the technical stuff, this is the easy part.  Just have a look at Our Works page to get an idea of what our Super Tech Team can produce!


Video Productions

Video is the best way to get people’s attention and to get a message across. But producing a video that actually changes attitudes or behaviors, is about understanding the way audiences think. It requires strategy, creativity and in depth business understanding.

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Our video productions vary according to needs and budget. From corporate and promotional videos to training and empowering ones we know exactly what you need!

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Some Words From Our Clients

Happy Creations is the ideal partner to rely on, when you need to organize an event which is very important or it seems to be impossible… Maria has the experience, the decisiveness, the systematic thinking and the right approach to tackle any challenge and make your event a perfect experience for your people. Moreover, she is always calm, team player and crystal clear on what she proposes and she always delivers what she promises.

Therefore, Ι would definitely recommend Happy Creations as the perfect solution for your events!

George Katsouranis, Managing Director, Excelixi Center of Sustainable Entrepreneurship Piraeus Bank Group

Without a doubt, Happy Creations is a company that will help you to develop and deliver a superb corporate event and inspire your team, as they did for us. With their combined skills and industry knowledge they are very resourceful and inventive, having a round management approach, while always remain calm and positive in dealing with the unexpected.

Anna Mamalaki, Global HR, Employee Engagement Senior Manager, TITAN Group

We have worked closely with Happy Creations for several years in organizing KPMG’s Executive Events. Happy Creations has proved to be a valuable speakers agent contributing in this way in the success of our conferences. Its suggestions were always based on our needs and on our event´s profile. A very reliable partner, characterized by its attention to detail, its concern for quality and its ability to be flexible. As a client you get the sense that people in Happy Creations know very well what they do.  It has been a pleasure working with them!

Alexandra Georgiadou, Marketing & Communications Manager, KPMG Advisors

ACEO and Happy Creations have been working together in numerous management and leadership oriented events since 2007.  It has been an excellent collaboration so far which is built upon mutual trust, passion for excellence and commitment to deliver! The agency’s director Maria Papacosta is the client – focused type of person whose vast experience and professionalism you can trust to get things done right.

Effie Pintzou, Communications & Events Manager, Association of Chief Executive Officers

Thank you for your trust!

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